16 February 2013

The Most Action I've Had in Months.

At my liquor store, we love dogs.  We have a can of cookies under the counter that a lot of the dogs know about and will head straight for when they come in.  We might as well be called The Cookie Store.  Most of them are wonderful dogs, and I place the same rules upon them as I do upon people: If you're going to be in the store, don't knock over the bottles and don't pee on anything.

This is Buck:

He's adorable.

04 February 2013


At my bartending job, I occasionally have some tables to take care of as well.  I always thought I'd hate being a server, but it's not actually so bad.  It probably has a lot to do with where I work, which is a casino.  There are no under-age people allowed, so I don't have to deal with children, or families, the prospect of which is a big part of why I never wanted to do it.

Food and beverage service is incredibly fast-paced.  And I mean, if I can save myself 2 seconds on a task, I will do it, because those 2 seconds can be the difference between floating the rush and managing to keep up easily, and drowning in the flood of people who need food and tables that need wiping.